Science and Engineering Fair Winner Visits Club

Today we were blessed to have our Greater San Diego Science and Nadia SalahEngineer Fair winner, Nadia Salah, a 7th grader at the Islamic School of San Diego.  Her topic dealt with first impressions based on appearance and was titled, “Is Your Sight Controlled by a Stereotype?”

Her test group consisted of 50 students ages 10 to 13.  Each student was shown two views of the same person but not sequentially, one of the person in an attractive pose and the other person in a not so attractive pose.  They were asked to rank the person on a declining scale of 3 to 1 for two characteristics, do you think the person is smart and do you think the person is successful?  An answer of 3 was a definite yes.  Not surprisingly, those with a pleasing appearance received mostly 3’s.  The interesting result was that more women than men received 1’s, indicating that a woman’s appearance affects our first impression more than a man’s appearance.  Nadia received a plaque and a $50 check. She was then on to a State Contest.  What really excited our club was Nadia’s excellent speaking skills.

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