Guest Speaker: Mr. David Akin, the Public Utility Advocate

Our guest speaker was Mr. David F. Akin, the Public Utility Advocate. We have 28 reservoirs and 9 lakes in our water storage system, all of which are so low that it would take years of very substantial rainfall to return them to their former levels. For residents, he recommended installing water pressure regulators on homes to prevent pressure surges from damaging old piping and causing leaks, which are the most likely cause of sudden changes in your water bill.

He listed five levels of drought: California is currently at level two (ALERT). When asked about agricultural water use, he cited the interesting fact that almonds were the single most water-intensive crop, requiring 1 gallon per almond! He reminded us of the newly enacted water restrictions in San Diego of two watering days per week with 5 minutes allowed per station. Also, the City is offering free advice on irrigation and solving wasteful water-use practices, along with $3.50 per square foot for installation of drought tolerant turf. Rebates for grey water systems is coming. If you have further questions, you can contact him at


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