Guest Speaker: Artan Kerleshi of National City Walgreens

Artan KerleshiToday we heard from two representatives from Walgreens, Artan Kerleshi, Store Manager, National City and Arne Lopez, Store Manager, Hillcrest.  Walgreen is the largest drug retailer in the world.  Artan and Arne spoke primarily about the inexpensive health programs offered by Walgreens.  They claim that Walgreens has the lowest copay for Medicare drugs and many locations offer free mail delivery.  They also offer onsite blood testing, blood pressure checks and immunizations.  Also offered is an extensive array of services for film developing, tape to CD conversions, etc.  We all went home with a gift bag of pamphlets and goodies.  Club members asked some entertaining questions and they were answered quite professionally.   Thanks to Artan and Arne for coming!


On another note….. from the desk of Lion Bill Cowing.

I have started our 2015 United States flag etiquette and history program for the 4th graders in zip code 92103.  Yesterday I gave the program to 35 students at Florence Elementary and after today’s meeting I gave it to 69 students at Francis Parker Elementary.  After the presentation each student receives a 4” by 6” U.S. flag and a pamphlet indicating which star represents which state on the flag and other flag information.  The teachers obviously have briefed the students because they can answer many of my questions and they seem really interested.  Some of their questions are amusing.  Yesterday I was asked which star represented the Philippines and whether Francis Scott Key was still alive after telling the class he wrote the words that eventually became the Star Spangled Banner in 1814.

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